Invisorb Spin Universal Kit

  • Invisorb Spin Universal Kit


        50 or 250 Purifications 


The Invisorb® Spin Universal Kit simplifies isolation of nucleic acids from a variety of starting materials such as blood, cell-free body fluids, swabs and stool samples. Genomic, bacterial, viral DNA and viral RNA can be purified from sample volumes of up to 200 µl. Optimized protocols for specific sample types provide reproducible purification of high-quality NAs for genotyping and pathogen applications.


  • One kit for a variety of starting materials and applications
  • Optimized protocols for different starting materials
  • Universal nucleic acid purification system for genomic, bacterial, viral DNA and viral RNA
  • Safe handling of infectious samples by using capped spin columns
  • For In Vitro Diagnostic Use (CE-IVD)*

Product Characteristics

Starting Material

Average Yield

Preparation Time

100 µl whole blood (EDTA, citrate)

200 µl plasma, serum, cell-free body fluids (e.g. urine), rinse liquid from swabs, supernatant from stool suspensions

depending on starting material



about 60 min



The sample is lysed in an optimized lysis buffer and proteins are degraded during lysis with Proteinase K. The NA binds to filter membrane, followed by washing steps and the final elution. The procedure requires minimal interaction by the user, allowing safe handling of potentially infectious samples. The purified NA is of high quality and can be used for subsequent downstream applications:

  • PCR and real-time PCR
  • genotyping, STR, and SNP Analysis
  • sequencing

*) Compliance with EU Directive 98/79/EC on in vitro medical devices. Products which are CE-marked according to the IVD-Directive can be used for diagnostic applications in countries where this directive is recognized.

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