MEV Floorstanding ECO cryostat

  • MEV Floorstanding ECO cryostat

The model MEV features convenient operation and a modern semi-automatic rotary microtome. For extra convenience the system includes a spaceous stainless steel chamber, 24 easily accessible freezing positions and well illuminated cooling chamber that can be effectively cooled down to -35 °C. For additional user safety the system can optionally be equipped with an efficient UV-C disinfection system.

  • Modern rotary microtome with motorised μm advance/return
  • Spacious cooling chamber for efficient and safe workflow
  • Large anti-roll plate
  • 24 easily accessible freezing positions
  • Heated viewing window (glass, electrically, conductive coating, transparent)
  • Intuitive electronic control panel
  • Automatic defrost
  • Removable condensate bottle with level sensor

Optional accessories for tailor-made configurations:

  • Peltier shock freezing positions (-50 °C to -55 °C)
  • UV-C disinfection

Specifications Cryochamber

Materialstainless steel
Dimensions [WxDxH]490 x 550 x 400 mm
IlluminationLED, white
Temperature range0 °C to -35 °C
Sample preparation positions

24 positions

Temperature range -40 °C to -45 °C

Specifications Microtome

Section thickness Setting range0.5 µm to 100 µm
Section thickness selection

0.5 to 2 µm in 0.5 µm-steps

2 to 20 µm in 1.0 µm-steps

20 to 50 µm in 2.0 µm-steps

50 to 100 µm in 5.0 µm-steps

Trimming thickness setting range0.5 to 300 µm
Horizontal specimen feed28 mm
Vertical stroke59 mm
Coarse feedmotorized (600 µm/s + 3.000 µm/s)
Specimen retraction0 - 200 µm, free programmable
Specimen orientation, horizontal
Specimen orientation, vertical
Specimen orientation, z-axis360°

Specifications Cryostat MEV

Dimensions[WxDxH]680 x 600 x 1110 mm
Weight [w/o accessories]127 kg
Electrical parameters

230 V; 50-60 Hz (Art.No.: 10150000)

115 V; 50/60 Hz (Art.No.: 10153000)

Pmax: 860 W

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