Petriswiss PS 900

The new PETRISWISS PS900 is a fully automatic and very precise Petri dish filling system, "made in Switzerland", of the most recent generation, based on state-of-the-art findings, featuring a broad range of possible applications and with a sensational price-performance ratio


Laboratories, research and development, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, the food industry and universities etc. 


  • DISH LOADING - freely loading single dishes or dish stacks onto the supply belt
  • SINGLE DOSING - programmable medium dosing quantity per Petri dish 
  • VOLUME DOSING - programmable total dosing quantity (e.g. 8.5 l) onto number of dishes (e.g. 850 dishes) 
  • DISH LABELLING - automatic, alphanumeric dish labelling
  • MEDIA SMOOTHING - automatic media smoothing after filling/labelling
  • STACKING - programmable stacking quantity (1-20) of the filled Petri dishes 
  • DISH DISCHARGE - automatic discharge of the filled/labelled dish stacks


Program data, parameters and operating states are displayed clearly and understandably on an easy-readoff, backlit graphic display. The unit is very operator-friendly. Entries are made via assigned keys (softkeys) and a numeric keypad. The unit is operated by means of a state-of-the-art touch screen. 

  • Backlit graphics display for easy readoff.
  • Easily understandable, user-friendly operation with touch screen.
  • Operator prompting in German or English, freely selectable by the user.
  • Fully automatic filling, labelling, smoothing and stacking of the Petri dishes.
  • High, trouble-free Petri dish throughput.
  • Autonomous operation thanks to large Petri 
  • Dosing quantities, speed, pause time and AntiDrop function programmable.
  • Printer function with 12 freely programmable printed texts. Use-by date, dish counter and also the current date and time as placeholders can be activated in the printed text. 
  • Stack function with programmable Petri dish stacking height.
  • Automatic initialisation and execution of a self-test.
  • Self-monitoring of all device functions (motors and switches). 
  •  Interface for connection of a foot pedal (start/stop function).
  • Connection facility for a higher-level host PC.
  • Discharge of the filled stacks into a fully automatic Petri dish handling system provided by the customer.
  • Easy care and servicing of the individual device components. 





Supply voltage: mains voltage


115 V AC +/- 10%

230 V AC +/- 10%

50/60 Hz

50/60 Hz

Current consumption from mains 230V AC

210 mA / 360 mA

standby / operation

Current consumption from mains 115V AC

310 mA / 560 mA

standby / operation

Power consumption:

45 VA / 80 VA

standby / operation

Mains fusing: Connection

250 V/3.15 A slow-blow

fuse in inlet connector for non-heating appliances

Mains fusing: Power pack

4.0 A quick-action

fuse on internal power pack




Dimensions W x H x D

1600 x 760 x 555 mm



70 kg / 81 kg

not including packaging / including packaging

Ambient temperature

+5°C to 45°C





Sound pressure level

< 79dBA


Pollution severity



Safety class

IP 21





Suitable dish diameters

89 – 96 mm


Suitable dish heights

14 – 20.5 mm


Dish store

400 ea


Dosing quantity

1.0 – 99.9 ml


Dosing accuracy

1 %


Delivery rate

600 ml / min.


Filling capacity

900 dishes / hour (15 ml)


Filling stroke delay

0 – 9.9 seconds



0 – 1.0 seconds


UV contamination safety lamp

253.7 nm (0.6 Wuvc)


Programmable printed texts



Printable characters

A-Z, 0-9, 4 placeholders


Media smoothing



Direct dish throughput



Quantity of dishes per stack

1 – 20 dishes per stack


Dish quantity on discharge table

500 ea.


Graphic display

240 x 128 pixels

with LED backlighting





connection to host

BioLink (laboratory device communication)

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