VITEK® 2 ID Cards

  • VITEK® 2 ID Cards

Cards for species-level identification

Provide rapid, accurate species-level identification of >350 clinically relevant bacteria and yeast within self-contained, disposable cards, for use with VITEK® 2 instruments.

  • Proven accuracy (see Resources Tab for publications)
  • ID in as little as 2 hours
  • Safe: No reagent addition needed with closed, ready-to-use disposable system


In the fight against healthcare challenges like Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO), microbial identification testing (along with antibiotic susceptibility testing) is a key step to providing information necessary for targeted clinical responses and better patient-care outcomes*. VITEK®2 identification (ID) cards let you easily and safely test and identify a wide range of clinically relevant organisms. Designed for VITEK®automated instruments, VITEK®2 ID cards help ensure you can rapidly provide accurate, relevant results.

* Barenfanger et al, JCM, May 1999, Vol 37, No 5

Breakthrough innovation

VITEK®2 ID cards offer a breakthrough innovation that’s inexpensive, easy-to-use and flexible. Each VITEK® 2 card is the size and shape of a playing card and contains microwells with identification substrates. For use with the VITEK® 2 family of automated instruments, they promote better laboratory workflow, standardization and time-to-results. VITEK® 2 instruments and consumables offer:

  • A comprehensive menu of medically relevant bacteria and yeasts
  • Inoculation with a simple, standardized saline suspension of organism
  • A safe, closed system that minimizes aerosols, splattering, spills & contact contamination
  • A reduction of disposable waste compared to microtiter methods
  • Pre-applied barcodes for maximum traceability

Proven Accuracy

Automated VITEK® 2 technology and VITEK® 2 ID cards provide reliable, accurate results for clinically important Gram-positive cocci, Gram-negative bacilli, and yeasts* - demonstrated in numerous peer-reviewed publications. Each VITEK® 2 ID card utilizes bioMerieux’s Advanced Colorimetry technology allowing:

  • High discrimination between species
  • Low rate of multiple choice and misidentified species
  • Minimal number of off-line tests

*Examples of sources: Aubertine, JCM, January 2006, Vol 44 No. 1, pages 227-228.
Funke et al, JCM, Jan 2005, Vol 43, No 1, pages 84-88.

Flexible, extensive collection

The wide variety of organisms that can be identified with VITEK® 2 ID cards means optimal testing flexibility. Due to an extensive ID database, you get accurate species-level identification, faster time-to-result, and less manipulation time* compared to other ID/AST systems. Your laboratory is better able to control expenses, eliminate unnecessary testing and quickly offer clinicians the information they need for patient treatment decisions.

Click on the links below to see the full list of organisms that can be identified by each card.


Identification of fermenting and non-fermenting Gram-negative bacilli


Identification of Gram-positive bacteria


Identification of yeast and yeast-like organisms


Identification of Neisseria, Haemophilus and other fastidious Gram-negative bacteria


Identification of anaerobic bacteria and coryneform bacteria

*Examples of sources: Blondel-Hill, et al, Poster D-691, ICAAC, San Francisco, Sep 2006.
Rommler, et al, Poster C-123, ASM Orlando, May 2006.


VITEK® 2 card size

10 cm x 6 cm x 0.5 cm, 16 grams 

VITEK® 2 Test Cards

For more information about individual cards, click on card name to visit the relevant page.

Extensive range of organisms to ID

VITEK® GN ID Card - Reference number 21341

For identification of fermenting and non-fermenting Gram-negative bacilli

VITEK® GP ID Card - Reference number 21342

For identification of Gram-positive bacteria

VITEK® YST ID Card - Reference number 21343

For identification of yeast and yeast-like organisms

VITEK® NH ID Card - Reference number 21346

For identification of Neisseria, Haemophilus and other fastidious Gram-negative bacteria

VITEK® ANC ID Card - Reference number 21347

For identification of anaerobic bacteria and coryneform bacteria

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