Automatic Biochemical Analyzer Pointcare M3

Based on the patented technology of microfluidic chip, MNCHIP medical series automatic biochemical analyzer has been applied in thousands of medical institutions across the country. 
After adding anticoagulated whole blood, it takes only about 12 minutes to fully complete the whole process from plasma separation, quantification, transportation, mixing, reaction to printing test results. The analyzer has built-in intelligent quality control system, which is minimalist operation, that is, learning is the meeting. The small clinic can also perform biochemical tests as quickly and easily as a large hospital, and obtain the same accurate test results as the laboratory of the major hospital.

The three-step operation can complete the whole process from anticoagulation whole blood sampling to output in about 12 minutes.

1. Add Sample & Dilution100μL anticoagulated whole blood, serum or plasma & 425μL dilution


2. Insert Disc walk-away operation, self calibrates with every test run.


3. Read Results printed via computer or extra printer.



  • Small Size: Highly integrated, space-saving, lightweight, and easy to carry, allowing you to test anywhere, anytime, anywhere.

    • Fast Detection: The entire process from anticoagulation whole blood sampling to output results can be completed in about 12 minutes, helping you to quickly and comprehensively obtain comprehensive and accurate test results, reducing patient waiting time and improving patient satisfaction.
    • Built-in Quality Control System: Built-in real-time automatic quality control system, complete testing of equipment, reagents and specimens before each test, and real-time monitoring during the test to ensure you get accurate test results.

    • Accurate Results: It has the same accuracy as the laboratory analyzer test results, and it has excellent repeatability, which helps you to confidently diagnose and treat, and has confidence in the results.

    Pointcare M3 Reagent Disc Detail:

    Born from space technology, MNCHIP reagent disc is a completely self-contained disposable chemistry panel designed to meet various testing needs. Just 3 drops of whole blood are required to deliver up to 17 precise results. 

    Click here to see disc details


    Mode of Operation
    Power Requirements
    AC 100V-240V, 50-60Hz
    Ambient Operation Temperature
    Reaction Temperature
    One sample with more items, it can test 35 items
    Collection Interfaces
    3G, Wi-Fi, USB2.0


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