RADspeed Pro Auto

The RADspeed Pro Auto is a high-performance general radiographic system.

RADspeed Pro Auto

Engineered to improve patient care and workflow while achieve dose reductions, this system is available with fully automatic, tracking or manual system movements. 

As a general X-ray system, wireless, tethered and fixed flat panels can be selected to best suit your workflow, while CR is fully supported.

Workflow Optimization

The Shimadzu RADspeed Pro Auto has been designed to work seamlessly with DR Wireless Flat Panel Detector (FPD) systems. This provide excellent patient care and optimised workflow:

  • Register the patient using “Worklist”
  • Select the desired examination or use RIS mapping
  • Move to the preloaded “Auto position”
  • Expose
  • Review the image
  • Select next projection in the “APR's” until all required procedure is complete
  • Send images to PACS
  • Monitor and document dose with the optional DAP meter integration
  • Procedure complete

System Versatility

Based on experience gained from our previously successful systems, the Shimadzu RADspeed Pro Auto offers the flexibility and versatility required in a modern X-ray department. 
The ceiling mounted gantry provides extensive coverage and is easily operated using either the automatic mode or manual controls.
The height adjust table combined with the tilting bucky wall stand (option) provide the flexibility required for procedures ranging from paediatric to bariatric patients, both “in bucky“ and “out of bucky“. 
To ensure optimal use of available space in your examination room, various ceiling rail lengths are available for selection at the point of sale. This includes the option of extended ceiling rails to cover large ER departments.

Auto Positioning

The chosen examination protocol (APR) includes the pre-programmed system position parameters. 
As the APR's are changed during an examination, the system positions are updated and a single button is pressed to move the system into the required position. 
Pre-programmed positions are available for “in-bucky“ and “out of bucky“ work.  This includes table, wall stand and free positioning for trolley and other “out of bucky“ work.
If the operator feels there is any chance of a collision, the system movements can be stopped immediately by either releasing the single operation button or pressing the emergency “Stop“ button.
The system includes a built-in collision avoidance program that automatically stops the tube from moving into the table allowing a safety margin of approximately 50cm. 
This safety spacing is maintained automatically as the table is driven up.

Speed Stitching

As an additional option to improve workflow even further, a fully automatic long leg / spine acquisition system is available. 
This consists of a patient stand which is positioned in front of the wall stand providing patient support and automatic image acquisition.

The operator centres the X-ray tube then selects the start and end positions using the collimator light. 
Thereafter the tube and bucky positions are controlled automatically with the X-ray exposures. 
After the images have been acquired, they are automatically stitched together in the workstation. 
Automatic acquisition and stitching is also available on the bucky table for supine procedures.


The collimator is the latest in design and includes automatic controlled beam hardening filters that ensure both the lowest possible patient dose and minimum scatter to staff. The beam hardening filter is automatically set in accordance with the radiographic conditions set on the X-ray generator. 
The LED collimator light clearly illuminates the radiation field, which is controlled using motor driven collimator blades providing smooth and accurate control. Automatic cassette sensing ensures that the exposure field will not exceed the size of the detector. (The illumination lamp is easily replaced by opening a lid; no covers need to be removed.) 
The collimator is fitted with a rubber cushion to reduce the possibility of patient injury caused by an inadvertent impact. 
An optional integrated Dose Area Product (DAP) meter provides dose information that is displayed on the workstation monitor and is included in the DICOM header for storage on the PACS system when used in conjunction with DR imaging

High Voltage Generator

The microcomputer controlled high frequency, X-ray generator includes up to 800 examination protocols (APR's) providing excellent automatic operation with full manual override available at any time during the procedures. The desired APR is selectable on the workstation, generator console and or on the overhead X-ray tube mounted command arm.
The X-ray generator is fully integrated into the DR workstation, providing full control and selection of the examination parameters from the DR workstation using RIS mapping, further enhancing workflow. 
The X-ray generator is designed to illuminate and produce an audible tone advising the current exposure status to the operator. This helps to improve accurate timing of exposures when patients cannot hold their breath or remain still, reducing repeats due to movement artefacts. The chosen colour and audible tone is customisable. The hand switch also illuminates, indicating the status to the operator. 
The control panel includes both a colour touch screen and hybrid dials. This touch screen is intended for easy selection of pre-programmed parameters (APR's) while the hybrid dials allow rapid precise changes to be made to an exposure setting.

Automatic Exposure Control

The Automatic Exposure Control starts with the selection of the required examination protocol (APR) on the workstation, X-ray generator and or the touch screen controller on the overhead tube support.  This sets-up all the desired exposure parameters and prepares the system for exposure.
The bucky wall stand and bucky table are fitted with 3-field phototimer chambers that terminate the exposure once the correct X-ray dose has been reached.
After each exposure, the exposure parameters are displayed and saved in the exposure backup log on the X-ray generator for post exposure analysis if required.

X-Ray Tube Support

The overhead tube support offers flexibility and ease of use. The vertical stroke of the ceiling tube support is 1,600 mm with the lowest point 400 mm above the floor, providing excellent coverage for standing patients. 
The movement control buttons can be programmed in any order to match it to other systems or set-up to meet your specific requirements. Single hand operation and control from behind the tube support is included as a standard feature. 
The RADspeed Pro Auto includes an integrated colour LCD flat panel display in-room control allowing the operator to select and control the exposure (APR's) and position the system from the X-ray tube support. Designed to work in a ‘Heads Up’ manor it ensures that information is always clearly visible and the selection of the desired parameters is quick and easy.

Bucky Table

The motor driven elevating table can support a patient weighing up to 295 kg making it possible to perform examinations on paediatric through to bariatric patients. The table top is free floating with electromagnetic breaks, providing easy and safe patient positioning. 
The integrated foot controls are mounted into the lower side of the table base, preventing accidental operation by inadvertently standing on more conventional switches and removing wires lying on the floor, which form a trip hazard. 
As an option, an additional set of foot controls can be provided on the back of the table, allowing full operation from either side of the table, further improving patient care.

Bucky Wall Stand

The standard non-tilting wall stand can be upgraded to the tilting bucky to provide more flexibility. 
Both wall stands are designed to track vertical movement with the overhead tube support, even when the X-ray beam is oblique. 
To facilitate excellent work flow both versions can be used with either the built-in 43 X 43 cm fixed flat panel detector or cassette sized wireless flat panel detectors.

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