Adult Diaper

  • Adult Diaper


  • 65×80cm, with leg cuffs, waistline: 71-121cm
  • 65×80cm, without leg cuffs, waistline: 71-111cm
  • 80×96cm, with leg cuffs, waistline: 96-147cm
  • 80×96cm, without leg cuffs, waistline: 96-137cm


  1. inner layer: polyolefin non-woven
  2. Absorption: cotton pulp, tissue, sap
  3. Stopper: adhesive tape, frontal tape
  4. Back sheet: water-proof PE back layer
  5. Other: leak guard, fabric glue and so on


  1. wetness indicator
  2. Super absorbent core, dry and comfortable
  3. Refastening frontal tape is convenient to put on and removed
  4. PE film makes the surface dry and comfort
  5. Super soft non-woven surface
  6. Leak guard prevent leakage efficiently

Package: 10pcs/bag, 80pc/carton

Carton size: 680×255×480mm

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