Commode Wheelchair

The Commode Wheelchair is a really low-maintenance wheelchair to suit almost every user. The heavy duty frame keeps the user feeling secured and comfortable. A smooth protected ride is guaranteed by it’s design.

The feature that differs it from other wheelchairs is that it carries a commode, as maintaining balance in the toilet is not easy for those with incontinence. Even lack of strength can make it difficult to use the toilet without help. The commode added to the wheelchair helps to solve this problem.

The round pot is made with easy cleaning plastic material, and removing the commode pan is a simple task. Just lift the toilet seat and fix the supplied lid to the pan to avoid spillages. The pan can then be cleaned with a suitable disinfectant. Clean the seat and lid with a soft cloth when necessary.


Product Description:

  • Chrome plated steel frame
  • Fixed armrest
  • Fixed leg rest
  • 8" PVC front castor
  • 24" solid spoke wheel


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